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Misplaced Modifier Quiz Pdf Free

Misplaced Modifier Quiz Pdf Free


Misplaced Modifier Quiz Pdf Free >>>





















































Misplaced Modifier Quiz Pdf Free


If you would like the answers to all the worksheets (total of 19 different topics), along with tips on teaching (or learning) every topic, get the answers (with teaching tips) to every worksheet, a total of 203 pages of grammar, usage, and writing style exercises, with answers and tips for teaching for 7.00. Fearing allegations of child abuse, the infant was placed in foster care. Rewrite each sentence to eliminate any misplaced or dangling participles. Running across Tropical Park, the paddle boats on the lake appeared to be floating on air. Let's examine the difference between a participle and a gerund.


Worksheet 1 explains the concept of dangling and misplaced modifiers, including suggestions for correcting them. Shocked by the foul language on television, the remote control dropped from Aunt Sherrys hand. These examples are funny or disturbing. The humor jumps out at you. "Flitting gaily from flower to flower, the football player watched the bee." One has to laugh. Shaken, not stirred, James Bond likes his martinis. Upset with the boys constant bickering, the car veered into a ditch as the father turned to scold the children. A gerund is rarely misplaced or misused.


Confused by the new layout of the house, the soiled diaper fell off the baby as he cried and ran from room to room. Attacked by the school bully, the backpack fell from Abners shoulder. Arriving in the dorms two weeks early, the room was clean and ready when Wills roommate arrived. Worksheet 2, 17 Exercises. The introductory participial phrase does not have a noun in the subject position of the main clause to attach to. The Purdue OWL Clear, with good strategies for revising dangling modifiers. Driven by insatiable ambition and greed, the computer ran Henrys stock trading program all day. Running two miles a day during the fall, the uniform jersey hung loose on Ivan when lacrosse season began. Misplacement of adverbs can sometimes change the meaning of a sentence. Examples of Dangling Modifiers.


"Running recklessly through the forest, the tree stump tripped James." This sentence reads as if the tree stump was running recklessly through the forest, not James. Having been absent for two consecutive days, the attendance clerk required a doctors note. It always ends in "ing." For example, "Running is a healthy activity; it promotes endurance and muscle strength." The word "Running" is a noun; notice that the pronoun "it" replaces thr noun "running" in the second clause. Elated at the thought of his new job, the cell phone dropped from Guss hands as he ran to tell Karen. While driving to the Homestead Campus, a pillow fell from Jamess car. However, the original sentence suggests that the butterfly, not Anna, was eating strawberries beneath the oak tree. A gerund is a verb form used as a noun. In each case, the writer communicates an unintended meaning by using a dangling modifier. Finishing a page from a Disney Princess coloring book, the petals on the flowers were a light shade of pink.


This means that you take the "ing" word (the participle), give it a subject, turn the "ing" word into a verb, and attach it to the main clause. Peeing constantly on the kitchen throw rug, the maid got frustrated from cleaning up after the new puppy. Two are illustrated below. Singing at the top of his lungs, it reminded Evan of his days with the church choir. In the rush of drafting articles and essays, writers sometimes compose sentences that do not have the intended meaning. A participle, on the other hand, is a verb form used as an adjective. Excited at the prospect of visiting Greece, a smile graced Cecis face as she drove to the airport. Dismissed from his position at the law firm, the Ferrari spun out of control as Ken sped away in a rage. Please choose the correct versions of the following sentences.. Rewrite each sentence to eliminate any misplaced or dangling participles. 24365d85ca

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